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PUBLISHED: 00:00 04 July 2017

Elixis Elite is a skin tightening system

Elixis Elite is a skin tightening system


Elixis Elite is here and goodness, it can make a difference.

As soon as you hit 40 your collagen production levels halve, and they keep on dropping for every year you advance on that. To date, there have been few treatments that could significantly address the effects of this without resorting to the scalpel. Elixis Elite is here and goodness, it can make a difference!

For most women the most apparent signs of this aging attack are in the neck, décolleté and above the knees. Arms too can start to look unpleasantly crepey, and who wants to wear long sleeves all the time? Crow’s feet, ‘smoker’s lips’, sagging jawline…the list just goes on and I’ll stop now before I depress myself thoroughly.

Elixis Elite is a skin tightening system that makes a dramatic difference. I shy away from using before and after photos in the main, but have chosen to here as they’re worth many words. And before you ask, no, this is not me.

I am always keen to know the science behind any treatment, especially one which promises dramatic results. This works by using radio frequency, a form of heat energy, to heat the area you want to be treated. An application of gel is followed by the application of a small, hand-held device that pulses out RF, heating the dermis and then maintaining that heat at just over 40 degrees. This causes the body to react and ‘heal’, which requires the production of collagen and the resultant tightening.

There’s also a fat reduction module, which works in the same way, combing ultrasound with RF to heat up and destroy fat cells, the contents of which are then washed away through the body’s normal processes. It’s ideal for smaller, stubborn pockets of fat that need smoothing away, such as between the upper thighs, under the chin and on the upper arm. And for men - it works very well on moobs!

Always up for a little smoothing and tightening, and assured by Dr Nyla that it was painless, I booked myself an appointment and suggested that my thighs might benefit from a little toning and tightening.

My therapist poured on volumes of baby oil, to ensure contact between skin and device was properly made and movement unhindered. She worked rapidly to build the heat levels under my skin to the 40 degrees necessary and then worked each area for ten minutes. I didn’t find it comfortable, but it’s not actually painful; as the heat builds the discomfort builds, but the therapist is very skilful and knows exactly when to lift the device away and give you a moment to recover. After the fat reduction module, she then exchanges the head and begins the skin tightening module, which is pretty much identical in terms of sensation. Both combined can really address cellulite, the bane of many a woman’s life, regardless of age.

Within an hour she has treated both inner thigh wobbly bits and done a tightening treatment on my upper arms. The areas treated feel warm, but only in patches on my thighs can I see any redness, where, I am told, the fat cells are already starting to melt, which fades fast.

A week later I can see very slight dips where none were previously, suggesting some depletion in fat already. It’s recommended that for the most dramatic results, four to six treatments are required, but Dr Nyla has suggested that just three will have a visible impact on my inner thighs and upper arms, as I am going in early, as it were, and they weren’t very wobbly!

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