Spa review - Comcit Cryo Oxygen Micro-channelling Collagen Induction Therapy at Flint + Flint Harvey Nichols Manchester

PUBLISHED: 11:58 04 October 2016 | UPDATED: 11:58 04 October 2016

Flint + Flint Skin Clinic Harvey Nichols Manchester

Flint + Flint Skin Clinic Harvey Nichols Manchester


Flint + Flint opened their first skin clinic (one assumes, when they announce ‘first’, that more are planned) at Harvey Nichols Manchester last month, with a combined offering of a specially created skincare range and a collection of clinical skin treatments and aesthetics aimed directly at the woman who wants to remain youthful looking but – so far – rejects the idea of surgery.

Skin treatmets at Flint + Flint, Harvey NicholsSkin treatmets at Flint + Flint, Harvey Nichols

From microdermabrasion to chemical peels, collagen fillers to Vampire treatments, Aqualix Fat Dissolving injections to Crystal Medical Cryolipolisis, they have covered every skin and aging concern men and women suffer from – and offer it all from a very stylish, indeed positively funky, set of rooms in Manchester’s Harvey Nichols beauty floor.

I booked in for a bit of Comcit Cryo Oxygen Micro-channelling Collagen Induction Therapy. If you know what this is already, you’re one step ahead of where I was!

Not your average skin clinic: Flint + FlintNot your average skin clinic: Flint + Flint

In essence, this is a facial skin treatment that is designed to stimulate collagen production in the skin through the introduction of thousands of teeny tiny channels (or, in more basic phrasing – holes) into the epidermis into which a skin rejuvenation serum is pushed. The action of making tiny holes triggers the skin’s natural healing process – which includes the production of increased amounts of collagen.

The treatment stated with a quick cleanse, before a very prickly roller was slowly and precisely moved up, down and laterally across my throat and face. It was an uncomfortable sensation, especially when passed over my forehead and cheekbones. I am told that some women really feel it (like me) and others barely register. For my first treatment the roller with the shortest, ummm…hole punches?...was used, but for regular users a deeper acting roller is used. Discomfort is brief however and I would happily return for a regular treatment, as the results were lovely.

Mirror mirror...Flint + FlintMirror mirror...Flint + Flint

After the rolling, a high intensity oxygen jet is used to force the serum into the skin, where it can do most good, plumping and hydrating. This is cold and actually quite pleasant after the prickling of the roller.

Following this, a fast drying face mask was applied, which was left to do its thing while my therapist undertook a relaxing arm and hand massage, using the gorgeous Flint + Flint hand SPF Hand Hero, which smells delicious and offers a SPF30 level of protection – with our hands giving away our age faster than our faces might, this is a bit of genius, if you ask me!

The face mask was peeled off (don’t you just love that feeling!) and the Flint + Flint daily moisturiser applied (another lovely product and packed with clever ingredients too) and then I was ready for the outside world again.

My therapist was filled with delight at how not red my face was. Apparently the lady before me hadn’t felt a thing, but looked very flushed afterwards, whereas I had squirmed about making ouch sounds and looked cool and fresh as a daisy. It’s a gift.

Afterwards my skin felt so peachy and soft I couldn’t stock patting my cheeks. It was definitely fabulously hydrated and over the next few days I was delighted at the smooth texture and ongoing softness. I rushed to meet a friend I haven’t seen for 15 years, who was effusive in her commentary on how good I’m looking.

Sorry Flint + Flint: I didn’t share…some things a girl just has to keep a mystery. Oh, wait…

Comcit @ Flint + Flint, Harvey Nichols Manchester.

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