Meet Dr Nyla Raja of Medispa Wilmslow

PUBLISHED: 00:00 07 January 2016

Dr Nyla Raja

Dr Nyla Raja


CEOs,TV presenters and actors have all sought treatment at her cosmetic clinic in Wilmslow

Dr Nyla Raja is, it is fair to say, a woman on a mission. At her cosmetic clinic in Wilmslow, you can choose from the very best, state-of-the-art face and body treatments, all designed to give us back that we lose fastest as we age – our self-confidence.

‘I see it all the time,’ says Dr Raja. ‘Strong, independent women – from CEOs to TV presenters to actors – who have made a great success of their lives, suddenly realise that they are being treated with less respect, or, worse, cast aside in favour of younger women. Why? It infuriates me that age no longer equals skill and experience, but “past it.” To be fair, it’s not just women who are experiencing this, but they are certainly still a majority.

‘How you look is how you are judged. It’s a horrible thing, but it’s a fact of life. So I set up my clinic to help women combat those signs of aging, to boost their confidence and externalise their inner radiance.’

‘Botox and fillers alone are now really quite old hat. Often clients are put off with the telltale signs seen upon the faces of their friends, but what women really need is a multi-modular approach, with a safe and conscientious gatekeeper to the aging process. Of course we still age, but we can age more slowly and more gracefully; using a mix of modern machine technologies such as ultherapy, or laser resurfacing you can select the bits you need to ensure the best overall result.

‘I have established a bespoke clinic that only caters for non-surgical cosmetic concerns. I spent years researching all the available treatments before making any decisions about what to offer here. For me this is not simply a financial investment, but reputational and, of course, whatever we do will affect the lives of the men and women who come here. Clients who previously assumed cosmetic treatments were luxuries for the few or the famous can now indulge without feeling need to compromise on necessities, as I have ensured that these treatments are an affordable commodity rather then a luxury.

‘I meet and consult with every client. They know they’re dealing with me, a qualified doctor, bound by the rules of my profession and, as such, with the regulatory body I am responsible to – the GMC. My team and I undertake the most rigorous, doctor-led training courses for every treatment we offer.

‘I’m so passionate about patient care that I get incredibly frustrated by the fact that any beauty salon can offer really quite complex skin treatments, such as lasers or even injectables. I had a 19 year old girl come to me last month with a necrosis of her lower lip. She’d gone for lip fillers and they’d injected into a blood vessel causing a major complication . Quite wrongly she’d been told not to worry, that it was just a bruise! I’m currently in the process of setting up a clinic in Dubai and I have had to undertake the most rigorous training to ensure I’m a Board Certified cosmetic doctor. The Emirate faces are no more beautiful than our British faces, yet why do we not have the same regulatory requirements?’

Dr Raja is funny, confident, passionate, determined and sympathetic to the lot of women (and men) today; she is most certainly someone you want on your side in the new, occasionally disappointing, game of life.

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