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PUBLISHED: 00:25 15 August 2013

Frisor, Hale

Frisor, Hale


She’s had plenty of hair horrors so it’s a big deal when Janet Reeder changes her hairdresser...

Frisor, HaleFrisor, Hale

Changing your hairdresser is probably as traumatic as divorce. Let’s face it, for some of us our relationship with our hairdresser has probably lasted longer than our marriages.

I have a friend who, every time she comes back from her coiffeur complains about the colour, the cut, everything but ask her why doesn’t she change her salon, she shrugs her shoulders acceptingly. Like an unfulfilling relationship, the feeling always is ‘better the devil you know’.

Frisor, HaleFrisor, Hale

So I felt “first date” nerves when I decided to try out Hale’s new Aveda salon Frisor with the promise of an ‘experience’ I would enjoy -ooh!

As a veteran of some of the worst hairstyles ever - the red Ziggy Stardust cut, or the permed top and straight mullet look stand out as stand-out fright- wig horrors I know just how a bad haircut can make you feel.

‘Never mind. it will grow,’ my mother would promise as I emerged from one salon with an old lady set of curls perched above my 14-year-olds face, freaked out forever by what others deem “pampering”.

Of course what we need are recommendations. So here’s one. Frisor. The fact that owners Martin Edwards and Angela Walker worked for Aveda for years and as this is brand respected for its ethical views and largely organic products meant I felt reassured from the outset. The salon’s philosophy is “customised creativity” and the aim is to create a look that suits the client and their lifestyle.

I love the fact the salon’s interior has a spa-like relaxing vibe which is immediately calming too and that I was able to discuss my cut at length with former Andrew Collinge stylist Wesley Horne.

Philippe Chambers was the colourist who advised cooler blonde “lowlights” and I loved the fact he was really absorbed in what he was doing. Wesley then cut my hair which I admit had been the bit I dreaded. I adored the fact he didn’t impose a new style or make me feel guilty about wanting to keep the length etc but he did make suggestions for subtle changes that gave my hair a little more style and shape.I was so happy with the result that my relationship with my old hairdresser is now on the rocks. I think it’s time for a change.

Frisor: 4 Broomfield Lane, Hale 
0161 941 5217

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