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PUBLISHED: 00:00 08 November 2017

IT Cosmetics Brush

IT Cosmetics Brush


Join the ranks of the I.T Girl

You’d think that the beauty market was fairly well sewn up by now, big brand beauty houses and VIP faces having filled every available inch of space in our stores. But no, meet IT Cosmetics – I think you’ll be impressed.

Here’s a brand that was developed by a woman with a need: US TV News anchor Jamie Kern Lima spent hours each day applying heavy cosmetics to hide her hereditary rosacea and hyperpigmented skin, never very happy with the results, which, she felt, actually aged her and did her skin no good at all. A fruitless search for light, effective cosmetics that actually did her skin some good instead of acting purely as coverage led her to the point we all love to hear about – throwing up her hands and deciding she’d do it herself. IT (Intelligent Technology) Cosmetics was born…and now it’s come to the UK.

Working with dermatologists and plastic surgeons, Jamie’s starting point for every item in the small but perfectly formed collection was that it be skincare first, with cosmetic application added in. This means that when you apply the Your Skin But Better CC cream, you’re starting with a hydrating serum, antioxidants and vitamins, to which an SPF of 50 has been added and then pigments to deliver the cosmetic demand. You might expect the end result to be rather gloopy and heavy, but no, it’s as lightweight as any CC cream you’ve ever tried and feels soft and natural on the skin; none of that sensation of a greasy over layer, or unwanted weight, which drives me nuts and has led to more than one tube of CC being thrown in the bin.

Using the fabulous cruelty free brush designed for its application, you can choose to go light for every day out and about, pop on a bit more for time in the office and, should you feel the need, layer up a bit further for creating the perfect canvas for night-out full-on contouring and colour. With it having serum and moisturiser included, and the SPF, it’s perfect for busy women on the go who quail at the thought of the four-step routine (serum, moisture, SPF, primer) NOBODY has time for! The cream genuinely delivers a glowing, healthy looking natural skin tone, upon which you can add bronzer or blush should you feel the need, though you might just want to show off your bare-faced beauty instead.

Brows are a BIG deal these days. Shape, size, colour…all high on the beauty concerns radar. Jamie Kern Lima knows all about brows – as well as struggling with rosacea she suffers from alopecia of the brows and hairline, so a decent brow pencil was an absolute must for this woman. She has developed just one pencil, in a single light shade, which gets darker, but not heavier, the more you apply. The Brow Power Universal Eyebrow Pencil is also is infused with brow-enhancing biotin, lecithin, saw palmetto, nettle, green tea, antioxidants, grape seed and vitamins A, B5, C and E. She’s definitely not messing, is she?! With a pigment applicator at one end and a brush to smooth the colour through the brows at the other, it’s a doddle to use. Plus, for every purchase of Brow Power, I.T Cosmetics donate a full-size one to Look Good Feel Better, the charity that helps women and teens manage the visible side-effects of cancer treatment.

Anything that makes my morning routine quicker gets my vote, but with the added pleasure of knowing it’s designed to act as skincare with an effective cosmetic function – well, let’s just say I’m very happy to have joined the ranks of the I.T Girl, at least on the make-up front!

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