Dentures are not just for old people - Paul Middleton, The Dental Lounge

PUBLISHED: 00:00 17 February 2015

Paul Middleton

Paul Middleton


It can seem these days that whenever dentists advertise it’s all about tooth whitening, veneers and dental implants. Paul Middleton at 
The Dental Lounge has some frustration with this.

Paul says: ‘While these are all perfectly good treatment options in the right circumstances is easy to forget that 16% of our population (that’s almost 1 in 6 people) wear some form of removable dental appliance – dentures, in other words.

‘People have come to expect excellence in the area of dentistry however sometimes removable prosthetics (or removable dentures) are sadly neglected and seen as an option only for the old.

‘It’s clear however that dentures have not, and indeed cannot, be replaced, as those those one in six adults would testify. Patients can choose dentures over and above implants or bridges for many reasons, not simply monetary.’

As Paul goes on to explain, tooth loss isn’t associated simply with age of course. Teeth may have to be removed for many and varied reasons and depending on their location in your mouth you may choose to re-fill the gap and in a way that you feel most comfortable with, for whatever reason. Teeth lost during a game of rugby can be easily knocked out again. Riding accidents are often a cause of tooth loss and frequent riders often prefer the option of removal dentures as replacements.

‘At the Dental Lounge excellence in our denture work is as important as any other form of treatment,’ Paul says.

‘We want our patients to have dentures which are not only comfortable and easy to use but also look every bit as cosmetically pleasing as a crown or a bridge. Indeed, these days, the materials that are available allow us to create dentures which are genuinely indistinguishable from real teeth and gums.’

And this is of course the crux of the issue. We all have memories of granny’s teeth slipping at inopportune moments and granddad’s slightly alarming row of gleaming white teeth and glowing pink gumline. Technological advances mean that removable dentures can look as natural as any of the alternatives and fit perfectly.

Paul is one of a very small number of dentists who are also qualified as dental technicians. This means he is able to carry out much of the work with the patient at the chair side and understands, in depth, the processes involved in the construction of first class removable dentures. This includes making dentures which look astoundingly realistic, are comfortable and which very firmly remain in place during eating, speaking, laughing, smiling and all kinds of leaping about (and kissing, naturally!).

Paul says he has a very simple ethos when he recommends dentures to his patients: ‘You should be absolutely confident in your dentures: you should love the way they look, be absolutely happy with the way they feel, be completely confident when using them and be content to show them off or able to keep them a secret!’

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