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PUBLISHED: 17:07 15 October 2020 | UPDATED: 17:38 15 October 2020

Jo Malone London's Christmas 2020 release, Midnight Musk and Amber

Jo Malone London's Christmas 2020 release, Midnight Musk and Amber


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Llio Crystoil unites the power of crystals and essential oilsLlio Crystoil unites the power of crystals and essential oils

Decadent scent: Jo Malone London launched their Christmas collections last week, and they are just a little bit fabulous. Adding to their iconic Christmas favourites from years past, 2020 sees the release of Midnight Musk & Amber. Leading with top notes of woody juniper and fruity mandarin, this midwinter scent eases into a heart of sweet, warm amber and neroli, underpinned by a soft, powdery musk. This season’s festive collection was inspired by the roaring 20s, the Jazz Age where Gatsby loved Daisy, hemlines rose and flappers danced the night away in decadent style. It’s no better brought to life than in the bottle design for Midnight Musk & Amber, with its stylish fluted glass bottle and crystal-cut cap, a motif that runs through the entire Christmas 2020 scent collection. Add heavenly candles, diffusers, room sprays and a bath and body collection to charm every nose and your Christmas list is sorted. Midnight Musk & Amber, £105, Will this be your seasonal signature scent?

A little Welsh love: Crystals + oil + crystoil. Harnessing the power of crystals and essential oils, the new bath oil collection from Llio is designed to support and energise, in luxurious style. Choose from Love Yourself, infused with rose quartz, rose geranium, lavender and palmarosa; Higher Self, with citrine, lemon, bergamot, sweet orange and bergamot; Beauty Sleep, with amethyst, lavender, rosewood, juniper and geranium; and Magic Centre, with obsidian, grapefruit, vetiver, vanilla and geranium. £45, Which will you choose?

Tisserand has a collection of essential oils to aid sleepTisserand has a collection of essential oils to aid sleep

Scent to sleep: We all know how effective lavender is when it comes to sleep and relaxation, but what happens if you simply don’t like the scent? Tisserand Aromatherapy introduces three alternative essential oils that have sedative properties for mind and body that may help you with your slumber. Roman Chamomile Essential Oil (9ml, £37.50) is useful for irritability, over-sensitivity and anxiety. Bergamot Essential Oil (9ml, £8.54) is a citrussy scent great for aiding sleep when linked to anxiety or depression, and Marjoram French Essential Oil (9ml, £13.80) has a for fatigue and stress. Sleep well!

High street heroes: Holland & Barrett have become first high street retailer to stock cult and affordable skincare brand Q+A, including their Squalane Facial Oil. Use in place of a moisturiser or as a protective hair serum, it intensely moisturises the skin, improves its suppleness and leaves it velvety soft to touch. £7.50,

CBD from the Body Shop; Squalene Oil from Holland & BarrettCBD from the Body Shop; Squalene Oil from Holland & Barrett

The power of three: The Body Shop has launched a stress-soothing CBD three-step regimen. Featuring 100% natural CBD, sourced exclusively from hemp plants, the range comprises CBD Soothing Oil-Balm Cleansing Mask (£17), CBD Restoring Facial Oil (£25) and CBD Replenishing Moisture Cream (£20), all designed to tackle the effects of stressed skin (dry, dehydrated and lacking in luminosity) with a mixture of CBD and hemp seed oil, squalene and patchouli extract.

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