Richard Fleeshman: Back to his old haunts

PUBLISHED: 10:02 28 February 2011 | UPDATED: 18:58 20 February 2013

Richard Fleeshman: Back to his old haunts

Richard Fleeshman: Back to his old haunts

Richard Fleeshman looks forward to being on home turf when he stars in the world premiere of Ghost at the Opera House this month

He's on the brink of a career-defining role, yet Richard Fleeshman doesn't seem too freaked out by the prospect.
This month he'll step out onto the Opera House stage as Sam in the musical re-working of definite weepie, Ghost.
It's a big budget production that gets its trial run in Manchester before (it is hoped) taking the West End by storm and is scheduled for a run until at least February 2012.
Such cool is extraordinary for one so young. Richard is barely 21, however, his wonderfully soulful Goth, Craig in Coronation Street, star turns in Stars in their Eyes, Soapstar Superstar and the music album which clinched him a tour slot supporting Elton John, makes him something of a veteran.
Could he be the hardest working bloke in showbiz? Certainly, he's not allowing things to chance, he's moved to London from his family home in Cheshire and has also been in LA in a bid to further his career. The graft seems to have paid off, he's already had a starring role in the musical Legally Blonde and here comes the biggie, Ghost.
So is this the turn he expected in his career?
'In terms of what I want to be. Well, there have been quite a lot of different projects. It's quite difficult to pigeonhole people who do a lot of things but I genuinely love what I do at the time,' he says.
And no-one could have been more surprised than he was to tour with Elton, who he describes as a 'mentor'.
Will he be turning up in Manchester for the premiere perhaps? Richard's not sure but of course he can always hope he will.
'I have spent a long, long time on tour with him and he's absolutely great but although I know him really well, I wouldn't say he was a friend just yet,' he explains .
'I remember the first ever concert I went to see was Elton John and never did I dream that 12 years later, I'd be supporting him at the MEN Arena.'
Nor did he think he'd be following in the footsteps of Patrick Swayze as Sam, who walks home with girlfriend Molly one night and gets murdered, but unable to live without her and fearing for her safety returns as the ghost of the title.
Bruce Joel Rubin author of the original screenplay has also written the musical and Richard has been getting a lot of insight not only into the character he plays but into all the gossip surrounding the movie.
'Bruce Willis was offered the part (in the film Ghost). Harrison Ford was also offered the role and turned it down saying "why would I want to play a dead guy?' reveals Richard.
''There can't be many films where the lead gets killed off in the first 20 minutes!'
Richard is famously the son of soap actor Sue Jenkins and theatre actor David Fleeshman, proud parents who he is certain will be around to support him when the musical premiers at the Opera House from March 28th .
'I may have to ration how many times they come,' he jokes.
'I won't be staying with my family. I've got a flat in the centre of town so that I can concentrate on being in the show but it will be great to be surrounded by all my family and friends.'
And he plans to visit to visit his favourite haunts while he's in the city, once the run gets underway.
'My mate does a night at Deansgate Locks - he knows how to throw a party, so I'll definitely be down there,' He says.
'I like places in the Northern Quarter too and one of my friends has also got Rosso, so I like to go there quite a lot. It's amazing how quick the city changes. It's mad that places like Spinningfields have just seemed to spring up. I love it.'
Ghost is a huge gamble for Richard and everyone involved, including Caissie Levy who plays Molly, Dave Stuart, musician and lyricist and of course Bruce Joel Rubin, who Richard says must be the nicest guy in showbusiness.
'With him involved, it isn't just some cheap copy of a great film,' he adds.
'I know it's going to be quality.'

Ghost opens at the Opera House on March 28th. To book Tel: 0844 847 2295 or check the Living Edge website for more information.


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