Andrew Flintoff - Cricketer, Boxer and now Fashion Designer?

PUBLISHED: 16:46 21 March 2013 | UPDATED: 21:16 05 April 2013

Andrew Flintoff - Cricketer, Boxer and now Fashion Designer?

Andrew Flintoff - Cricketer, Boxer and now Fashion Designer?

Can former England cricket captain Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff do any wrong? He wins hearts as well as trophies and is now designing his own range of clothing for Jacamo.

Can former England cricket captain Andrew (Freddie) Flintoff do any wrong? He wins hearts as well as trophies and is now designing his own range of clothing for Jacamo.

Andrew Flintoff the Preston cricketer turned boxer and TV presenter is brand ambassador for big mens clothing label Jacamo.

We caught up with the 6ft 4in father-of-three to quiz him about fashion, being on TV and his plans for the future.

We notice you are looking pretty fit and toned Freddie. Is it you or the clothes you are wearing?

Well thanks to the boxing training last year, Im in the best shape of my life. But the clothes from my collection with Jacamo have also been designed to feel good as well as look good. All of the clothes in the collection are things I feel comfortable in. Theres nothing worse than feeling self-conscious about what youre wearing.

What are the key essentials of the modern mans wardrobe?
I dont think you can go wrong with a nice pair of jeans.
If you could only pick one piece from this seasons Jacamo collection what would it be? The Crest Polo is also a personal favourite... simply because its got my name on the front!

Have you always been interested in fashion? Were you into fashion at School? Can you remember what everyone was wearing when you were a kid?

I take more of an interest in fashion now than I used to. It used to be all about sportswear for me and as my career has moved forward, I like to think my wardrobe has too. I used to be told what I was wearing on tour its a tracksuit or whatever now I actually get to dress myself and I enjoy choosing what to wear.

I probably take more pride in my appearance now too. I used to play it down before. Now I need to think about what Im wearing because of what Im doing when you do TV its part of the job. And Im a dad too Id hate it if my kids were being taken the mickey out of for having a scruffy dad.

What kind of input do you have into the design of the range for Jacamo?

Its great for me, I get to bring my ideas to the table and work with all these amazing people to make them a reality. I wanted the clothes to be practical and on-trend rather than high fashion. So for this collection, we sat down and chatted about the kind of stuff I like and discussed what I would need from a working wardrobe.

I brought along a few of my own items I liked and I played a role in selecting fabrics but I had a lot of great help, a lot of people making sure everything was the right fit and quality.

Everyone is on a budget these days and I was very aware of that too. People cant afford to buy things that are just seasonal that youre going to wear for a few months and then theyre out. And I think we managed to create something that was longer lasting, a set of clothes to set you up and see you through, so products that are good value too.
Its not about high fashion its about wearable fashion.

What was your biggest fashion disaster?

Socks and sandals. We used to do it all the time at cricket. Wed come off the pitch, take our boots off, put on our sandals and go and have lunch. Aagh. What was I thinking?

What would you say to men who get women to buy their clothes?
Take him to a Jacamo store! But in all seriousness, my wife picks out some clothes for me from time to time ... some might not leave the wardrobe though!

Has being on TV made you think more about what you wear?

I think it has yes. You always have to be careful when thinking about what youre saying, and what youre wearing when then cameras are on. Thats why I think its important to feel comfortable in what youre wearing so you can FEEL your best at all times.

Who are the most fashionable cricketers or boxers?

Id have to say cricketers... my old team mates would kill me if not.

Its a few months since you made your professional boxing debut in Manchester, how does it feel?

It was a great experience and one Ill never forget. The training was tough though.

Did your family approve?
I know my wife certainly didnt! But it was great having her ringside on the night to support and cheer me on.

Whats next for you?
Im taking some time out to spend with my wife and kids. Im back on A League Of Their Own soon, and obviously, Ive got my great collection of clothes with Jacamo.

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