Wilmslow, Cheshire - Not just for WAG's

PUBLISHED: 09:19 02 March 2010 | UPDATED: 16:47 20 February 2013



Wilmslow isn't just shops, footballers and footballers' wives

Wilmslow derives its name from the Anglo Saxon Wighelmes hlaw or mound of a man called Wighelm and there are plenty of men living in the town now carrying on the tradition of making a pile.

The suburb of the super-rich is how the outside world perceives Wilmslow and indeed it has its fair share of self-made millionaires, premiership football stars and celebrities. Its a Cheshire icon designed for the pleasures of perusing the shops, people-watching on pavement cafes and relishing the next restaurant meal.

There are so many fantastic shops in Wilmslow. With its range of boutiques, jewellers and independent interiors shops, Wilmslow is a great alternative shopping destination. And Wilmslow can compete on the big stuff too. Apparently the town's dealership sells the highest number of Aston Martins in the entire country, a demand created by its well-heeled residents, of course.

Famous Wilmslow residents past and present include Alan Turing, Corrie actors Bill Roache and Simon Gregson, Alex Ferguson, Rio Ferdinand and Kerry Katona, to name but a few. Indie band Doves met at Wilmslow High School in the 1980s. Their song Black and White Town was inspired by Wilmslow and its 'rich-poor' divide.

Claims to fame
Wilmslow is the location for a mystery to rival a cold case in Waking the Dead because it is here in 1984 that Lindow Man was unearthed from the peat at Lindow Moss. Scientists discovered that Lindow Pete' as locals dubbed him, was a wealthy 25-year-old, who was bashed on the head, garroted and had his throat slit around 55BCE. Today hes a permanent resident of the British Museum. Unlikely though it sounds, a range of beauty products marketed in the USA now contains peat from Lindow Moss.

The show goes on
July 12 is this years date for the Wilmslow Show, an opportunity for the community to enjoy horticulture, classic cars, dog shows, funfair, falconry, mini zoo, crafts and jazz. It has a long history in the town, perhaps earlier than the records which date it back to 1897, when the local gardeners in the big houses of the area, showcased their talents. Visit www.wilmslowshow.com

Wilmslow information

Noted for
Paganism In 1999 temporary curate David Leaver mentioned the P word in a sermon, which resulted in hordes of press descending on the town in search of the evidence much to the horror of residents.

Grand designs
Wilmslow Library a garden was dedicated in 1950 to the memory of Reverend George Bramwell Evans. His Vardo, similar to a gypsy caravan, in which he used to travel the countryside, is a permanent fixture in this tiny garden for all to see.

While youre here
Dont mention Top Gears Jeremy Clarkson who has been less than gracious about Wilmslow and its people on several occasion

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