Say hello to Stockton Heath

PUBLISHED: 12:25 12 October 2011 | UPDATED: 21:38 20 February 2013

Say hello to Stockton Heath

Say hello to Stockton Heath

From Roman temples to contemporary pleasures, this is a place that has it all

Part of the borough of Warrington, Stockton Heath is a fashionable shopping village, with a great selection of local bars, restaurants and shops and because it is within easy access to both Manchester and Liverpool it has also become a really desirable place to live.

Roman past
A Roman road ran through Stockton Heath, along the route now known (appropriately) as Roman Road. There have been some excavations; more information is available at Warrington Museum. Excavations of the large Roman industrial settlement in the suburbs of modern day Wilderspool and Stockton Heath have unearthed a Roman mask, one of only a handful found in Europe, and the first evidence of this settlement was unearthed during the early excavation of the Bridgewater canal in Stockton Heath in 1770. Primary evidence points to a probable temple to Minerva on the site, a strong focus on pottery and glass bead paste making industries, and a trapezoidal building of unidentified purpose.

Humble origins
Of course it wasnt always so.

The 1859 novel Hollywood Hall by James Grant describes the Civil War Battle of Stockton Heath thus:

I approached a wide waste common called Stockton Heath, past which the Mersey rolled amid swamps and morasses filled with rushes and willows.

Certainly locals would not recognise the waste that Grant frequently refers to in his historical novel. This is a much more up market place altogether.

Locks stocks and barrels
Stockton Heath has not one but two canals and it has a heady mixture of trendy bars and clubs as well as traditional inns dating back to as far as 1725, so perfect for soaking up all that history and the odd glass or two.

Hello George!
Stockton Heath actually has a George Formby connection because it was here his family lived early in his entertainment career. The house they lived in at the time, Hillcrest is now a listed building and attracts the attentions of Formby enthusiasts all over the world.

Filled with character
Since 1988, much of the centre of Stockton Heath has been designated a conservation area to preserve its character although it is constantly moving with the times and has a thriving centre filled with cool places to eat and shop. It also now has its own festival held on mill lane field every year. A chance for the locals to mingle and celebrate the sense of community spirit in the village.

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