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PUBLISHED: 18:27 06 April 2011 | UPDATED: 19:09 20 February 2013

Broadbents exterior

Broadbents exterior

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People power matters in Stockton Heath. Not long ago the community got
together to try to save the old local school from being demolished.

The campaign failed but the spirit of the place remains undimmed.
Its a small town with a peaceful village feel, where you can stroll on a summer day and enjoy the scenery.

Once called Stoken it was a hamlet in its earlier incarnation, although a family called Stockton dwelt there from the end of the 13th century to the end of the 15th century a name that derives from a cattle or dairy farm.
It is an attractive location to soak up a country-ish vibe with fine looking buildings and since 1988 a large part of the town has been designated a conservation area however its not a museum piece.

This is a village to stroll around and admire the pretty old Cheshire red brick buildings, then head off to the Forge shopping centre, or relax in a traditional pub, such as the Red Lion inn which originates from the early 19th century and the Mulberry Tree on Victoria square which dates back to 1907.

Its a place where trendy bars, co-exist by a slice of Cheshire history that includes the famous Bridgewater and Manchester Ship canals. And another claim to fame is that it was the first place to have its trams axed when it was decided that trams should be replaced by buses, back in 1931.

The place is definitely worth visiting for the Stockton Heath festival, which lunched in 2008 on Mill Lane Field, with a whole programme of events in the summer ranging from family fun tomusic, drama and more.

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