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PUBLISHED: 15:27 28 November 2018 | UPDATED: 15:27 28 November 2018

Max, Jas's own working dog

Max, Jas's own working dog


Possibly Cheshire's very own dog whisperer, Jaswinder Hayer is the man you want for any canine related services, from domestic security to beloved family pet.

Selfie in the park, Jas and MaxSelfie in the park, Jas and Max

Jas Hayer decided he was going to work with dogs at the age of 12, an early ambition that has driven a 30 year career.

‘I started my dog training career with Karenswood International, who are considered to be the world’s leading authority on the training and supply of specialist working dogs,’ says Jas. ‘Over the years I have trained a vast number of dogs, for the military, for private enterprises and even with the United Nations. In 2007 I set up my own business, training dogs not only for use for commercial security, but for domestic security too, whether that’s security in the sense of having a dog trained to protect your family and home on command, or the security of knowing your dog is safe for other people to be around, safe off the lead and responsive to all commands.

‘With the security side of things, we offer a varied service,’ he says. ‘There has been a recent spate of burglaries at the homes of Premier League footballers, for example, as those who follow the sport know when they’re likely to be away from home or on holiday. We can place a trained dog team at the property for those nights, or even 24/7 if that’s requested; the presence of a trained dog handler and dog is a massive deterrent.

‘Other people want a dog that’s both guard dog and pet. Many people will tell you that you can’t have it both ways, but of course you can. I can source the right dog, take it through rigorous training and then take the family through the same training, then you have a cohesive unit that loves and trusts each other.’


A recent client, for whom Jas found and trained a Rottweiler, says: ‘We started to research family protection dogs after being burgled, but having a seven month old baby we were very concerned about introducing such an imposing looking dog to our little family. Ruby was everything that Jas told us; she has the most amazing temperament, she is intelligent and very obedient. Being busy people we would never get a puppy or untrained dog again, for us fully-trained family protection dogs are the way forward - there was no stress involved and we now get a good nights sleep knowing she is looking after us.’

Another client, Bindu, in Wilmslow, was struggling to walk her young Doberman through the town, and says: ‘Kastro had quite a few issues. He is now a different dog! He now understands all basic instruction but above all, he is now a delight to walk, using a nice loose lead. I am no longer being dragged down the street. On the security front, he knows and does his job in the correct manner...people often joke that my home is the most protected home in Wilmslow. You have taught him well, but just as importantly, you have taught us the correct way to handle him.’

Jas says: ‘I work with specialists all around the UK who I call on when I am seeking a dog for a client. It takes both experience and instinct to know which dog can be trained as you want.

‘We provide dogs that are socialised, sociable and fully trained to behave as commanded in every environment, whether you simply want an animal that’s a happy family pet, safe with children, easy to walk and relaxed in every situation, or for more – such as family protection or guarding business premises.’

0800 246 5754 specialistcanineservices.com

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