Celebrating a century of Moorcroft pottery

PUBLISHED: 17:47 03 May 2013

LVE MAY13 Moorcroft

LVE MAY13 Moorcroft


Collectors get ready! This is a very special year for one of the most iconic names in pottery

Living Edge was privileged to be a guest at the centenary celebrations for the Moorcroft factory being held recently at historic Ironbridge.

This was the starting point for a very special birthday year for Moorcroft. The exhibition revealed not only how exquisitely crafted each piece is but the way in which the designs follow the fashions of their time and to make the event even more of a dramatic occasion the original Moorcroft factory had been recreated in situ.

The story of art is told through the stunning pottery which is famous throughout the world, for example earlier pieces are decorated with the sinuous designs of the Art Nouveau period, or are stylishly Art Deco, while later pots from the 1980s are more cynical, less emotional in their conception.

For those unfamiliar with the Moorcroft story, it was in 1913 that the young potter bought land and built his first factory in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, with the backing of Liberty of London and it is still made entirely by hand in England to this day.

Moorcroft is a complex beauty, with designs that flood with colour, movement, and a breathtaking portrayal of the natural world as if coming to life from a Shakespearean verse and all born from a Staffordshire Pottery which was once surrounded by 2000 bottle ovens belching out smoke. Today, the frontage of the Moorcroft factory is draped in flowers whilst its beautiful bottle oven soars into a crisp, blue Burslem skyline, where visitors from all over the world arrive to admire the birthplace of such iconic treasures.

Now Moorcroft is paying tribute to its origins in its centenary year with an exciting new Legacy collection created to celebrate a century of groundbreaking design that includes pieces inspired and re-imagined by the designs of the past and bringing the story of Moorcroft full circle.

The Ironbridge event was the first of several tributes to William Moorcroft to be held throughout this important year. A Centennial Exhibition is moving around the country and on show at key locations throughout 2013 and those who visit will get the chance to see 100 exhibits that span the century from the very earliest works to the latest designs, eagerly awaited by avid collectors. There is also a diligently researched new biography by Neil Swindells who chronicles Moorcroft’s life from his 16 years honing his craft with James Macintyre, his rebirth with the arrival of Liberty & Co and the amazing legacy, which makes his a story without end.

For more information please visit www.moorcroft.com or call 01782 820500

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