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PUBLISHED: 00:00 05 July 2017

Garden Day matt and Garden Day gloss

Garden Day matt and Garden Day gloss

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Emma Bossons is the design force behind designconsort, a brand new ceramics house launched by one of England’s finest and most famous art potteries, Moorcroft.

Emma Bossons with her designsEmma Bossons with her designs

Cheshire resident Emma Bossons joined Moorcroft 21 years ago almost completely by accident.

‘I’d never actually heard of Moorcroft,’ she laughs. ‘I hadn’t trained as an artist at all; I only had a GCSE in art in fact, and was on a training scheme programme at Wedgwood, painting plates. I knew that wasn’t for me, so was looking about for something new.

‘I’d often seen the bottle kiln at Moorcroft and wondered what was in there. One day I decided to drop into the factory shop to have a look – and fell in love. It’s all just gorgeous.

‘I sent them a portfolio of watercolours I’d done and they called me to a trial of painting onto their pieces – and I joined a week later!

Venn, by designer Nicola Slaney of designconsortVenn, by designer Nicola Slaney of designconsort

‘Once every year, staff can design their own pieces which are then put into the Members’ Club auction. I did this twice and they must have spotted something in me, because within 18 months I had been asked to join the newly formed Design Studio, which was about seven of us working on our own designs. We all have different styles and are inspired by different things, which of course means more variety and choice for the collectors.

‘Last year the MD of Moorcroft, Elise Adams, set us the challenge of coming up with a whole new design ethos, which would be used as the founding platform for designconsort. She envisioned a brand new, very contemporary style that would suit modern interiors and appeal to people who love the minimalist, contemporary look.

‘It was a fabulous opportunity,’ says Emma. ‘I have a love of the Art Nouveau style Moorcroft does so well, but I am also very drawn to geometric designs, linocuts and graphics. I came up with the trio of designs Flock, Shoaling and Herd, making them in cardboard to show how it would work. I loved the challenge and clearly my designs aligned with Elise’s vision and here we are!’

Designconsort’s Moorcroft heritage is apparent in every piece, with the traditional tube lining and painting being used to create utterly contemporary ceramics, with vibrant colours and geometric shapes set on a snowy white background. They’re both visually stunning and fabulous to touch and hold, having that tactile quality that so appeals to the Moorcroft collector.

Since launch, Emma has created a series of stunning pieces, with the latest being her Garden Day and Garden Night vases. I note a variation on a theme here, and ask Emma what’s different.

‘At Moorcroft we tube line, paint, use a glossy glaze and then fire,’ she says. ‘Within designconsort several of the designs have the additional step of gold or silver lustre added after that first firing. We have also created pieces using a matt glaze; it has a marvellous effect, turning the colours into softer, pastel, almost chalky versions of themselves.’

Designconsort is quite clearly a child of Moorcroft and will delight lovers of the brand, but is also wholly an entity in its own right, driven by a set of design values that fit perfectly with today’s demand for simple lines and elegant shapes. From delicate vases to statement lamps, it’s truly a brand for today’s most stylish homes.

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