Tasting Notes… Burger & Lobster, Manchester

PUBLISHED: 13:21 27 August 2015 | UPDATED: 15:24 27 August 2015

Burger & Lobster

Burger & Lobster


It’s a simple concept; there is no food menu at Burger & Lobster, you can choose from just two things: burger and lobster.

Burger & LobsterBurger & Lobster

To be fair, you can choose from a Lobster Roll (chilled lobster in a light mayo dressing on a toasted Brioche roll) or half a lobster streamed or steamed and grilled, or even choose your own still living beasty from the tanks at the front of the restaurant (with handy little weight tags on their ginormous claws…) but there’s only one burger. It is a whopping great burger however, cooked just the way you like it (rare to well done) and draped with sweet onion, cheese, pickles and bacon.

It is this that makes even a choice limited to three items so stressful. Lobster doesn’t come one’s way too often, and yet the burger looks incredible. For my dining companions the choice was clear – lobster all the way for two and burger for the man who thinks that things that crawl on the ocean floor should be left there.

Burger & LobsterBurger & Lobster

We dined on a Monday night, usually quite a peaceful occasion, but the restaurant was busy and had a lively atmosphere, due in great part to the live DJ set in progress while we dined. The staff were all fabulous. Our server, Brian, was charming and helpful, providing cocktail recommendations and top tips on lobster extraction.

Those who opted for lobster were very happy with their choice. The Lobster Roll was soft and sweet and positively packed with luscious lobster meat, dressed in a smooth mayo. Brian had recommended that we order the steamed and grilled lobster with both sauces available – simple melted butter and lemon & garlic. Sound advice. We all dipped our perfectly cooked and salty chips in the latter!

The burger is quite enormous. A vast towering edifice of bun, sauce, meat, tomato, bacon, cheese, pickles, onion and more bun. Our burger lover went with medium rare and it was moist and crumbly and pinkly perfect. Dressed salad and a pot full of chips completed the platter, which one would think would be quite overwhelming, but not so! Plate cleared, tummy patted, happy sigh.

There is one menu you can peruse – the drinks menu. A short but excellent wine list is accompanied by an extensive cocktails menu (categorised by whether you’re a burger fan or opting for lobster) filled with decision-stress inducing choices. Try a few I say and book a taxi! We chose a Nero D’Avola to accompany our meal; a fabulously fruity little number from Sicily and perfect for the occasion.

Burger & Lobster is a great option for a group of friends – every main meal costs £20, so splitting the bill is a doddle – and you can be sure of that perfect combination of upbeat atmosphere and well-cooked, tasty food that makes any evening a success.

Ship Canal House, 98 King Street, Manchester

0161 832 0222 | www.burgerandlobster.com

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