Meet the chefs - Jordan Senior and Danny Ellis, Victor’s Eatery & Bar Hale

PUBLISHED: 00:00 06 October 2016

Jordan and Danny

Jordan and Danny

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Head Chef Jordan Senior and Danny Ellis, Head Sushi Chef, at Victor’s Eatery in Hale, tell us a little about themselves.

How did you get started as chefs?

Jordan: I began working in a kitchen whilst I was doing my law degree at university. However it turned out I was pretty good at it and enjoyed it much more than law so I left and took a job as a Sous Chef. I then worked my way up in kitchens and was lucky to get my first Head Chef job when I was just 21, in Lytham St Anne’s. I heard about Victor’s opening and was so excited about the concept I moved my whole life to Hale and have loved every minute since.

Danny: It was six years ago, I was a front of house manager and one day a chef called in sick; I threw on an apron and just loved the whole experience. Sushi became my passion and I haven’t looked back since.

What is your signature dish?

Danny: I just love creating any form of sushi and every chance that I get I am on the Raw bar in Victor’s. Seeing the customers’ response to some of our dishes is really rewarding.

If there was anyone in the world you could cook for who would it be and why?

Jordan: We get some pretty big names in Victor’s so I’m lucky in the respect that I’ve been given the opportunity to cook for a lot of cool people already. I think I’d feel good if I had the chance to cook for some real life heroes rather than someone famous. That’d be nice.

What do you eat at home?

Jordan: I don’t really get too much time to cook at home, we work pretty long hours, but fortunately I live with my girlfriend and she’ll make something for me. She gets annoyed if I don’t eat!

Danny: Very little! The life and hours of a chef are long. I’m more often than not at work but I love the job.

If you could dine at any restaurant in the world which one would it be?

Jordan: I was lucky enough to go to a new opening in Copenhagen called Alchemist. They’ve opened with a 45 course tasting menu which was phenomenal from start to finish!

Danny: Jiro sushi restaurant in Japan; it has 3 Michelin stars and only 8 covers – something for us to aspire to at Victor’s!

What would you eat for your last meal?

Jordan: Steak. I love red meat. And as a side note I’d cook it in Victor’s Josper Oven because the char and smoke makes it ridiculously good. Peppercorn sauce on the side of course.

What do you do to relax?

Jordan: Both Danny and I love to play a round of golf together, although with our jobs this doesn’t happen too often!

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