DIY Cocktail Masterclass at Kuckoo Knutsford

PUBLISHED: 13:32 19 March 2018 | UPDATED: 13:32 19 March 2018

DIY Cocktails @ Kuckoo Knutsford

DIY Cocktails @ Kuckoo Knutsford


Concoct a cocktail that’s entirely bespoke to you and to your expressed tastes

The DIY Cocktail Masterclass at Kuckoo Knutsford is a fabulous introduction to the skilful art of cocktail mixology. I admit I have always felt a certain awe for those super-confident cocktail makers, but now I know just how complex it is, I think it should be a degree course.

I arrived at Kuckoo at 7pm on a Friday evening, with absolutely no idea what to expect, but a readiness for fun. The interior is quite jaw-dropping, it must be said. With the bar itself and every table in the room constructed from back-lit onyx, casting a scarlet glow through the room, the stage is certainly set for fun. Our Kuckoo ambassador for the occasion was Jake. Oh my life, this chap is not only a walking compendium of cocktail classics, but a master at the art of cocktail invention and so passionate about his work.

A Masterclass Kuckoo-style involves you actually going behind the bar and shaking up your own cocktail, selected from the long-as-your-arm, decision-stress inducing menu. I opted for a Renegade Marmalade – Beefeater gin, Limoncello, marmalade, fresh lemon juice and egg white. Jake talked me through each stage, had me pouring, shaking and serving…and it was brilliant. Not once did I feel self-conscious or silly and I didn’t even spill anything! My finished item was utterly, fabulously delicious and new favourite, until…

As part of the Masterclass package, your brand ambassador can help you concoct a cocktail that’s entirely bespoke to you and to your expressed tastes. Now, I love a G&T, so gin is usually my starting point in a cocktail. I also have a bit of a sweet tooth. Knowing this, Jake created me a cocktail that was completely gorgeous: muddled fresh raspberries and blackberries, gin, blackberry liqueur, vanilla liqueur (mmmm, who knew!) and…oh, I can’t remember the fruit juice! I shall just have to go back.

I have to say, Jake has created some absolute crackers for the menu, which is quite the read. The Wham Bar Sling takes you back to your youth, with real Wham Bars tucked, while the Ten Dollar Shake comes with an actual donut. There’s plenty for those with less of a sweet tooth, and the classics are, of course, well represented.

The current craze for cocktails shows no signs of abating, and spending an evening learning about, and making, some fabulous drinks is definitely the best way to really get your head around the trend, not to mention heaps of fun!

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