Meet Dr Jonquille Chantrey of Expert Aesthetics, Alderley Edge

PUBLISHED: 00:00 05 May 2017

Dr Jonquille Chantrey

Dr Jonquille Chantrey


Dr Chantrey also travels the globe teaching advanced techniques for using fillers and relaxants.

Dr Jonquille Chantrey is a cosmetic surgeon, certified by The Royal College of Surgeons of England. She did her clinical fellowship in trauma surgery and a further research fellowship in burns and plastic surgery.

Now, not only does Miss Chantrey run her own skin aesthetics clinic in Alderley Edge, but she travels the globe on behalf of Juvéderm, teaching advanced techniques for using fillers and relaxants, and has spent the last five years critically involved in the development and testing of their newest release, the Juvéderm Volite Treatment. Oh, and she works for skin guru Dr Obagi too, helping to develop his new ZO Skin Health range range, a new, bespoke skincare range designed to tackle everyone from teen traumas to menopausal changes, scarring, acne, rosacea – the whole kit and caboodle of skincare needs.

‘I’m on their International Scientific Board,’ she says. ‘I work directly with Dr Obagi at his clinic in Beverley Hills on protocol development, so can proudly say I had input into this new avant garde skincare range. He offered me a permanent job – but I’m not ready to leave Alderley Edge yet!’

Jonquille opened her clinic seven years ago, during which time things have changed considerably.

‘In most of Europe you have to be a dermatologist or a surgeon to inject. I come home from speaking at an international symposium about advanced techniques not even seen yet in the UK and someone will say: “I can just see the GP or dentist down the road.” There are some very talented and professional GPs delivering injections, but by no means all of them. I spend a lot of time teaching some of the best surgeons in the business, but it can be really hard – there is a level of artistry required for injectables that is actually very rare.

‘I have a four month waiting list for injectables here, so I have taken the step of recruiting two doctors to join me, Mr. Fiore and Dr Barnish, who had to go through a very rigorous selection process before I let them near a patient. They will also manage the protocols for the other treatments we offer here.’

These include CoolSculptingTM fat reduction and UltracelTM skin tightening, two treatments Jonquille introduced after considerable study.

‘Any machinery I bring in here I have watched and studied for a very long time; I’m not an early adopter and won’t inflict risk on any of my patients! I only offer treatments that have shown noticeable and lasting results,’ she says. ‘The other thing is pain. If I am going to inflict pain – and some treatments are definitely painful – then the outcome needs to be very, very good. Ultracel can be used at three modalities – pure radio-frequency, pure ultrasound and RF with needles, which does hurt, but it’s very, very good for skin laxity and for scarring.’

Jonquille is very clear about the type of woman who chooses to visit her practice.

‘They are bright, highly discerning and have done their research,’ she says. ‘They are not making an impulse decision. What they don’t want is a ‘group think’ approach. They don’t want to look like their friends, but just be the best version of themself they can be. Little bits, sympathetically done, will deliver true anti-aging. When you push it onto the patient, too much too frequently, it creates not only a potentially unattractive result but can also make their aging process more unpredictable.

‘As a woman, I feel strongly that women should be empowered at a time when they are so judged by what they look like. It’s important to me that they have somewhere they can come where they can trust they are getting a good, strong medical diagnosis from a reputable team with a proven track record. I am moving my practice to London Road later this year, as I need more space and am ready for increased visibility, but I shall never compromise my values in an attempt to compete in this increasingly challenging marketplace.’

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