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PUBLISHED: 00:00 06 May 2017

Pam Bescoby

Pam Bescoby


Pam Bescoby is the owner practitioner of Hale Acupuncture Clinic, a business with a reputation for success that travels far beyond the borders of Hale.

Pam Bescoby founded Hale Acupuncture Clinic after a serendipitous coming together of need and want. She wanted to find a new career path to follow after her sons reached their teens and needed to resolve a long-term health problem that was causing increasing pain.

‘I worked in the hotel and catering industry for several years before having my sons, when I decided to become a full-time mum. As they got older and more independent I started looking for something I could re-train in, something that would allow me to balance my work and life.

‘For years I’d suffered from a nasty TMJ [spasm and pain in the jaw, face and related muscles] and nothing the NHS could offer was helping. I decided to visit an acupuncturist and it worked! It was a light-bulb moment.’

Training in Traditional acupuncture is a very tough process. It’s a three year minimum degree course combining Chinese medicine, conventional medical sciences and clinical work - and all this before you are even allowed to touch a needle.

‘It was a huge commitment,’ Pam says. ‘I kept at it though and achieved what I set out to. My business grew slowly to start; awareness of what acupuncture can offer both in terms of specific issues and for overall health has grown dramatically in the UK however and in the last five years it’s really taken off.’

Acupuncture has been proven powerfully effective for treatment of such diverse issues as migraines to anxiety to tennis elbow and many of Pam’s clients, once their initial issue is resolved, come back on a regular basis for maintenance treatments, keeping the mind and body balanced in the face of modern stresses.

Pam has also developed quite the reputation in two very, very different fields: treating professional athletes (including Premier League footballers) and couples seeking to conceive a child.

‘I started to get more people coming to me with fertility problems. I did a lot of study around the subject to support my approach and word-of-mouth spread my name. Eventually Luciano Nardo, the consultant who leads the Reproductive Health Group in Daresbury, asked me to provide acupuncture on site in his new clinic, treating his patients pre- and post- embryo transfer. I set up a team with two other acupuncturists as I simply can’t do it all. It’s a joy to walk through Hale and meet couples with their babies and young children and see them as the family they so much wanted to be’

Pam is also the ‘go to’ acupuncturist for increasing numbers of professional athletes seeking ‘clean’ therapy to support the healing of injuries. She won’t name names, but tells me her husband gets very excited on occasion when she mentions a new client (who she freely admits she’s never heard of herself!)

‘I use acupuncture, cupping and moxabustion, all part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Cupping is fantastic for treating muscle spasms, muscle injuries and migraines.

‘American and German athletes really get it and have spread the word to local team-mates, so I get lots of referrals now, but I have to fit in around training or games, so it’s often after hours sessions.

‘Does it work? Well, I’ve been doing this for 15 years now and people keep coming back, so there must be something in it. And there’s the babies, of course…’ 07800 571 809

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